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question about workflow
Old 11th January 2019
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question about workflow

Hi Starcadian,

How are you? Hope all good!

Can you please let us know how long it take for you to create track?

Do you create Arturia patches for that particular song? Or you do prepare bunch of them and then you decide for witch track witch preset?

Thanks a lot for letting me know.

Old 14th January 2019
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Workflow and creative process

Hi Starcadian, I'd like to hear about your creative process and workflow. How do you start your tracks? Do you generate lots of ideas and sketches with synths or do you possibly lay down the foundations on piano?

Looking back your career, would you say there has been a breakthrough, that made you a better artist and songwriter?
Old 18th January 2019
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Gosh, I wish had an answer to that! Other than singing (which I'm not a huge fan of), my biggest struggle is inspiration, especially if you're trying to hold down a day job, so the time it takes to write a song varies WILDLY.
I've mentioned before that Polyanna I wrote in a day (ironically, the song is about the lack of inspiration) and Ultralove took a little more than a year to get right. There's so many versions of that song I don't even want to think about it, it was scarring haha
That song was absolutely the catalyst for me becoming a better songwriter. The amazing ikonoklasm provides some aural and visual guidance when I get lost in the woods and it was brought to my attention that I was trying to cram so many different songs into Ultralove. It was this monstrous 7 minute thing that had so many up/downs, genres, it was gonzo. But it just wasn't working in my eyes.
To be frank, I spent so much time trying to find interesting chord progressions, that I'd forgotten the power of simplicity and monolithic elegance, so I decided to try something very rare for me, which was strip down all the bridges and breakdowns and make the chorus and verse the same progression. I'm usually very against that, but I learned that there's a lot of power in that.
I tried so many different ways to kickstart inspiration and keep track of ideas, but currently I'm making a habit of creating Bitwig projects, keeping a naming convention and rendering out a loopable file (with the name of the project so I can keep track and the BPM) so now I can match, overlay and try different things. It's done wonders for getting stuff done!
I almost always start by loading in Arturia presets and playing around until a sound reminds me of something, then I'll tweak to taste as I go along. The way I see it, there's three different ways inspiration starts:
- Preset sound
- Melody idea
- Lyrics

Simply saying "I want to write a song about growing up" just doesn't work for me, something has to spark a little more than that haha.
I also hum into my phone if the idea is super immediate, but half of those don't make any sense after a few days and my phone is filled to the gills with stupid videos of pavements and me going "hmmm pa doop pooooooow", so I guess Deep Cuts 2 is sorted!

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