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Musical Inspiration
Old 10th January 2019
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Musical Inspiration

Hi Starcadian -

I am curious as to what your musical inspirations are. What music do you listen to and what other artists do you draw inspiration from? Are there musical genres that inspires you?
Old 14th January 2019
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0Oof, quick and easy way to short-circuit a musician right here haha, where to start!

My formative years were almost exclusively movie soundtracks if I recall correctly, so I was neck deep in Alan Silvestri, Basil Poledouris, Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams.
When teenage hormones kicked in, that was quickly followed by Faith No More, Soundgarden and Queen so that's where my head was at when I was young.
I make a conscious effort to listen to as many wildly different genres as I humanly can, so I can drill new chord compositions in my head. I almost never listen to the type or style of music, I'm always on the lookout for chord progressions and inventing new bar changes. I think that's a big reason why I love anything Mike Patton or Trey Spruance do, there are Mr. Bungle songs that are literally 6 genres in the span of 5 minutes, really broadens your horizons.
Also SebastiAn kind of blew my mind, really put a fire under my ass to learn as much about production as I could.
Extremely Honorable Mention to Oliver who are amazing and literally every single producer I know uses their mixes as reference. I don't know what the **** they use, but no one can master a track like them.
Currently, I'm REALLY jamming out to Vulfpeck, it's kind of unhealthy how much I've been listening to them.

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