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Sonically what do you consider your best work?
Old 7th April 2007
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Sonically what do you consider your best work?

Hey Russell,

I guess the title says it all
Old 19th April 2007
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Originally Posted by syra ➡️
Hey Russell,I guess the title says it all
hello syra,

man this is another hard one to answer. all the albums that i've done have special meanings for me and are like time stamps in my life. after i've mixed something, i'm usually very happy with the mixes and experience. but i'll listen to it again a couple more times after mastering and then i may not listen to it again for years (unless someone else has it on). when i do listen to it again, it's like seeing a picture or a movie of something that is a part of me. weird right? and i'll hear all these little things i did and sometimes forgot i did them (and i won't remember how i did them) and it just puts a big smile on my face. it's always a deep experience for me mixing an album or song so i can remember the emotions i felt when i was doing it. so i have a special attachment to most of the stuff i've done.

okay that's a total cop out...right? i just don't want anybody to come to me and say, "hey russ, why didnt you mention my album?" heh

well, i think voodoo and all the roy hargrove records are at the top as i recorded and mixed them entirely. the roots, keziah jones, erykah, nikka costa and blackalicious are all special for me.
of course there are songs that stand out. the epic ones i've mentioned before like, the roots "water", D's "playa", Nikka's "so have i for you", blackalicious' "release", erykah's "green eyes", Common's "time travelin", keziah's "72 kilos". songs like that were especially challenging because there was a lot of time spent on crafting the effects, getting all the different sounds and transitions, etc. very creative mixing IMHO...


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