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Do you have an EQ approach/technique?
Old 28th July 2015
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Do you have an EQ approach/technique?

Hi Ross,
thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

My question would be, do you have an EQ approach that can be put into words, or is it all just a matter of feeling?

Do you have certain frequency regions you find yourself coming back to often, or is it completely different between projects?

When puzzling together the instruments, do you feel that there is a certain way that often works out for you or is it rather balancing the EQ need of every individual instrument with it´s place in the whole?

I´ve found a way of finding frequencies to cut that works for me, but I´m still a bit unsure how to approach boosting.

Is it really just "turn the knobs til it sounds good"? Or are there certain guidelines that you adhere to?
Old 29th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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More often than not I am doing reductive eq when mixing as starting point
when tracking its a mixture of both
but when mixing I find that instead of making something brighter
finding the place in the murk of the sound that opens it up means that I will add much less eq
the place in the murk is instrument dependent but is somewhere between 250 and 800
then I look at the honk which is around 1-2 k
this frequency when dipped can really smooth out a sound
I also do quite a bit of hi pass filtering .. cleaning out the crud at the very bottom
after this all I will then add top or bottom to taste

i also like more often than not to eq before compression
this way I clean the sound up before it gets hammered back ..

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