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Insights and Thoughts from Ross
Old 25th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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Insights and Thoughts from Ross

Hi There out there in Gearslutz Internet Land ......

Some thoughts and perceptions have come to mind in the last week and a half of doing this Q and A ... I feel it important to share some of them with you.
First off I love the thirst for knowledge that is out there in in the world
It is inspiring to me to see that recording and techniques that I have done are worthy to you guys and gals out there .. It makes me feel that all this time spent on honing a craft I love has some worth and value to it ..
thank you for being involved and engaged enough to seek out my answers to your questions
This is where that has led me though
Don't get defensive or disengaged by what I am about to say
because the Truth Will Set You Free and First Might Really Piss You Off
I am not pointing fingers
I am just making an observation

We live in a time of entitlement and short attention span
None of us has reached any level of accomplishment with the magic bullet , pill or quick fix
It seems that many out there want the quick fix , the magic pill
One answer that will satisfy all mistakes or problems
Like I have the answers
or as if my answers will be the solution
Those that identify with this
please understand
My way of doing things may have or may work for me in that situation but not always and maybe only that once
Trust yourself is my answer
Learn how to trust your instincts
and Learn how to trust your ears regardless of the process
this is the one thing you have as an evolving audio crafts man
Trust and trust your instincts !!

Listen .. It seems that even tho I answer one question may only apply to that question, the answer can apply to the question you are asking and this leads to listening
As a producer mixer engineer
you need to listen to whats actually being said or whats coming out of the speakers
Not just whats in your head
you will miss whats really important until you actually clear your head and listen for real
it seems obvious but I think many of you need to start to really listen and stop listening through whats in your head or preconception
this a perception of mine so tell me I am wrong if am .. and if I resonate on this with you
try it on for size

My answers are almost always subjective
what style of music
who is the artist ?
etc etc
subjective and specific
and many keep asking questions in a way that makes me think again that you may be missing the point
The reason I do so many styles is that I find a way to morph my skill set per each project and leave my own preconceptions at the door and follow instincts and figure out solutions in the moment for each project
Please take nothing I do or say as gospel and look at yourself as wide open experimental evolving artists not locked down to anything any of us guys that "know" what we are doing are doing ..
we are all just trying each day to figure out the next challenge
so mimicking each other just makes you less powerful

Now, I agree I may have some techniques and wisdom at times to impart
don't get caught up in "Ross said" etc
if it works
it works
WHATEVER WORKS is again my motto
Trust yourselves
Use your Ears
Train yourself to be open to experiment
Dont believe everything you read or hear on the internet
and stop looking for the magic pill, the quick fix .. it does not exist ..
only you can make it happen and create it by whatever works !!

and thats what I wanted to share this morning .....

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