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Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light
Old 23rd July 2015
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Question Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light

Hi Ross!

'Chase This Light' is one of my favourite pop albums of the past 10 years. I think the songcraft is excellent and of course the recording is superb.

Just wondering if you had any interesting anecdotes or recollections about working with JEW in the studio. How do they record, is it individually or do they play together?

How much was Butch Vig involved on the actual recording days? Is he a sit-behind-you type and massage-as-you-go kinda dude or did he leave a lot to the band and help in preproduction/"between days" kinda thing?

Also, do you recall the vocal chain on that record at all?

Thanks in advance for any interesting tales!
Old 24th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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🎧 15 years
i worked on many of the last phases of the record and a couple recuts as singles
it would be out of school to go into detail on this since much of this work was in the finish off the tracks and get them ready for primetime phase

my good buddy Chris Testa went down to Arizona and helped Jim and the band setup a studio and make the bulk of the record
the band and he produced and Butch was an executive producer
Butch was not involved hands on like he is for his own productions
He was the executive producer
but since the Foo Fighters are very dear friends of mine
I can say from firsthand experience, that when Butch is producing he is very much in the room hands on
I recently helped Butch finish his plugin the BVV, for waves and did a series of videos for the plugin
I really like Butch
he is super down to earth and a very soft spoken kind human
nothing but the maddest amount of respect for him and his body of work
if the only record he ever made was Nevermind, that would be enough but its not and his work stands the test of time
as far as Chase The Light, I think he was more of a comfort zone for the label, to let the band and Chris start the record

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