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Mercy River
Old 22nd July 2015
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Mercy River

Hi Ross,

Would you mind sharing any of your recollections of working with the indie band Mercy River on the their album Bog back in 1995?


Old 22nd July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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🎧 15 years
hey there .. not many people even know who Mercy River is ... you are prolly one of 10 ..
That record was a pure labor of love and I don't know if it sold more than copies to each others mom and dad, sister and brother.. hehe

I spent a lot of time helping those guys hone their songs and their direction before ever stepping foot in the studio
this was a record where we did a lot of prepro to get it right before recording
maybe we never got it right enough .. who knows why something doesn't connect

I have not really stayed in touch with Jeff or Mike
but Mark Gorman the bass lives out here in LA so we stay in touch
and Josh the drummer has always stayed in touch with me
great guys .. all of them

its too bad it never really went anywhere even tho we all tried as hard as you can to make it successful

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