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Studio Time Limitations
Old 21st July 2015
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Studio Time Limitations

Hi Ross,

Thanks again for doing this.

Given that budgets are still shrinking somewhat, (I am assuming you are finding this too?) all other things being equal what would you consider to be the minimum useful duration for an album session?

I noticed you said you spent 7 weeks in with REM, do you think you could have made the same record in 4?
Old 22nd July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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🎧 15 years
budgets are definitely shrinking
thats an understatement
and a lot of the old ways we made records are over
so we have to get craftier because I still want to make great music and not crappy music because the money is not there
we have all become more and more aware of how long we spend on certain things and studio time and such
its a tough situation out there
and we have to make it work or else
its changed how I prepare to go in the studio and its changed prioritizing as far as songs that arent as worthy to be recorded
it a whole new frontier out there now ...

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