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Music lives in the midrange: do you start from there when mixing?
Old 21st July 2015
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Music lives in the midrange: do you start from there when mixing?

Hey Ross, thank you for doing this first of all, great to have you here.

We heard you saying "music lives in the midrange" often and I fully
agree with you on that, but my question is:
when mixing, do you start from there? From the elements that have the most energy in the midrange? Then build the rest, top and bottom,
around it?

I'm asking because no matter what genre i always feel compelled to
take care of the bottom first, kicks and bass, at least have them 70% there, then work my way up to midrange and top.

I tried to start from vocals first (or other mid range elements) few times but i can't seem to click with that workflow and I'd like to try different approaches and know your take on this.

Thank for your time.
Old 22nd July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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No no . don't misunderstand me
I definitely start with drums/perc and bass
rhythm instruments
but from there I start getting the vocal into the mix early on
and making sure that the vocal has a home always and I'm not taking it for granted
my point about the midrange is that, that is where the song lives
thats where the information lives
so dont take it for granted and make sure you understand your midrange and the role it plays in a good mix
Old 23rd July 2015
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OK thank you Ross,
that makes me feel better as sometimes I felt like I was missing something
always starting from the low end. It's somewhat comforting to hear you do the same
Old 24th July 2015
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Do you reference on speakers such as the horrortones (Auratones GS mod) for that mid range?

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Old 27th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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no Horror tones here but my Hot House 165's are very very accurate in the midrange and tell me exactly what i want to know
the aTC 25's are good for more full range
and i have questeds with a sub for that deal .. the sub on the lo end deal
and my little travel system is what i want to know when it comes to crappy systems

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