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Eddie Money drums.
Old 20th July 2015
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Eddie Money drums.

Could you tell me about your participation as an audio engineer for Eddie Money's album "Can't Hold Back"? How did you mic the drums?
Old 20th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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🎧 15 years
I was an asst engineer on that record at Rumbo and Oasis
Richie Zito produced
Phil Kaffel did the tracking of the drums
Mike "Pooh" Baird was the drummer on the tracks with real drums
the only thing that comes to mind that Phil did that was unique was put a set of short gobos up close to the kit and put 87's down behind close to the floor for a dark compressed room
It's a trick I stole from him for a while
besides that it again, this is one of those that was 30 years ago questions that is hard to answer
when you were doing as much work on a daily basis as I was, a question about these sessions from way back I marvel at
because its like asking what I had for dinner that year .. haha .. kinda ..
but I can understand why the question is asked .. but some of the details are hard to answer ..

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