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Room treatments for drums.
Old 19th July 2015
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Room treatments for drums.

Hi Ross,

Just wondering if you ever record drums in a small room and what's the best way to treat the room. Would you use diffusers, absorption, bass traps? What about over the overheads? Would mic placement be any different?

Many of us have home studios so any advice in this area would be appreciated.

Old 22nd July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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small rooms are sometimes awesome but often times a bit boxy and uninspired
some things to make sure
one is figure 8 or omni is probably not gonna be great if your ceiling is low because you'll be recording that boxy stuff up at the top
use cardioid
also if your drummer can not smash his cymbals and hi hats
that will help your drum sound in a small space
you may try ORTF if just over the top of the kit sounds natural
this may give a more pleasing sound than a spaced pair
or a nice stereo mic may be the tip
I would also see if the sound in front of the drums is pleasing and less boxy
maybe you can get a nice sound with a mono mic in front
The boxy nature of a small space is usually the problem but a small space can also be very punchy and cool
I've also gotten great results finding one of the corners where the lo end buildup is rad and putting one mic up facing into the corner for just reflection
and then compressing that quite a bit

have at it ....

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