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What essential equipment for your home studio?
Old 19th July 2015
Here for the gear
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What essential equipment for your home studio?

Thanks for taking the time to answer questions. If you were to set up as a singer/songwriter (no live drums) what single mic pre,eq,comp, monitors, 2 mics,would have in your setup. People on this site are always debating what's best even though many times it's just different flavors. Also how about which interface would you use. Thanks again.
Old 22nd July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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no disrespect, but these are the kids of questions that are so subjective that its impossible to answer
and I don't enjoy trying to answer them ...
with variables like
how much money do you have
whats is your goal
what are you doing with it all
etc etc etc
I am not a salesperson but I am sure your favorite person either Vintage King or Sweetwater will help you with these answers

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