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Using plugins?
Old 16th July 2015
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Using plugins?

Hi Ross!

First thank You for answering all these questions! You are a humble man.

Do You use plugins? I have understood that You mix hybrid: analog and digital.

What kind of plugins do You use and for want purpose? What are the plugins that do a job that hardware can't?

Best Regards,
Old 20th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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this question is just to wide to answer simply
the list is long ... too long .. and I help beta test and write presets for my friends at Waves, UA, Slate,Eiosis ,MCDSP , URS , Kazrog and Sound Toys
I use plugins all over my mixes .. for eq, effects etc etc
the one thing I find is that my classic compression still beats plugs
the gear that has a lot of tubes and transformers
or gear that really has a tone i use for tone
but the plugins are great now too

Steven Slate Trigger is a game changer for hamburger helper for drums and his VTM is very cool , his mix buss comps and mix rack are cool for some stuff
I use a lot of Waves plugs .. they have so many great plugs .. V series, API, love the new ADT, love the J37 for certain things and tape slap, H Delay, H REverb and I just did a series of videos for the new Butch Vig plugin
UA .. what can I say .. UA is killing it right now too .. love these guys .. almost everything works great ... so many here
MCDSP .. the green E6 is still my favorite eq for simple eq and hi and lo pass
Kazrog Recabinet is an amazing cabinet simulator for crappy guitar sounds
Eiosis Air EQ and De esser .. !!
LO Fi !!
simple digi delay
URS Saturation is still a go to plugin
Fabfilter .. love some of these plugs .. the GUI is cool on certain plugs
Massey makes some stuff !!
Kush UBK is nuts
SoundToys !!!! amazing effects .. Echoboy,Decapitater, Devil LOc deluxe , the filters .. all the plugs they all work great
CRane Song Phoenix !! can't live without it ..
PSP makes a few cool ones
Altiverb .. can't forget that
Overloud Mark 2 for bass
Native INstruments for guitar
My PT10 rig still has Amp Farm and EchoFarm working .. they were killed off in 11
I could go on and on and on .....
you get the picture
I am not a purist
I spread the audio love around .. between analog and digital ..
Old 21st July 2015
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🎧 5 years

Thank You for answering these questions and for coming forward! I love Your work and humbleness toward others.

Old 21st July 2015
Deleted User
Love your records, love the info, you're the man!

I noticed you like the Overloud Mark 2 for bass, which was the only bass amp plug I really liked until Cubase 8 came out with their VST Bass Amp plug. IMO it has the same quality as the Overloud, but much more variety (models of SVT, Bassman, Galien-Kruger, etc.) I don't know if you have a copy of Cubase lying around, but it could be worth it just for that plug.

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