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Roger Waters - How hands on is he in the studio?
Old 16th July 2015
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Roger Waters - How hands on is he in the studio?

Hi Ross -

I was curious how hands on Roger Waters is in the studio. I imagine him to be very involved in the process; do you ever have issues with artists "micromanaging" in the studio?

Would also be curious about any unusual approaches to production that were driven by an artist - either to the benefit or detriment of the finished project.

Thanks for taking the time!
Old 21st July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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Roger is brilliant and of course we know that ... and extremely competitive
His co producer Pat Leonard is also brilliant and extremely competitive in a different way
they play off each other to the greater good ... forcing me to up my game

when I am around people that are better or smarter than me it makes me better
I am a sponge for that
One of my mottos has always been, surround yourself with people better than you and let them help you make yourself a better version of yourself
so in this case
all good all the time no matter what

in other cases
the artist that is insecure with himself and not experienced and micromanaging can be a problem
this is where people skills come into play if I am the one in the room with more experience and more knowledge
sometimes the micromanaging artist will micromanage all the life out of a mix or the project
so I need to keep this in check without telling the artist no or stop all the time
sometimes the wacky ideas are awesome
its my job to try things all the time and it always takes more time to stop and discuss sh** for an hour than it is to try something that is worth trying
music comes out of the speakers so proving by example is way better than hours of talk about why not ..
I have had artists want to move a drum kit into some weird space and tear down a drum kit and sound that took hours to do
so in this case I might take a kik and snare and a room mic into that space without destroying what we have so I can either prove by example
that the sound works or not
I've also changed whole mixes because of the artist not liking the panning
and if I respect that artist and he respects me we will end up with something great
if there is no mutual respect
you're fu**ed
once again it is a blend of people skills and communication

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