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Drum miking
Old 15th July 2015
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Drum miking

Hi Ross
Do you like minimal "old school" approach on drums like one mono overhead with some ribbon mikes around?
Could you share some miking success you had on drums? (even ones that surprised you)
Best wishes!
Old 18th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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I am actually a multimic guy
the minimalist approach is great if you have other mics to use in the mix if its not working
I like my 3d way of recording drums
there is a video online on the Royer site where Kenny Aronoff and I went into Sweetwater Studio
at 7am one morning for a sales meeting for Royer and did session there .. not my greatest moment since I had a 104 fever but I do explain many of my multi mic tips
on that video and it would be easier to watch then have me type the whole thing here
this is the link


as far as an interesting story
I have a couple
first is way back when, 1985 or so, Kenny Aronoff and I
were getting drum sounds for a John Mellencamp record at Belmont Mall in Indiana
we dialed what I thought was a pretty slamming sound
One thing I had going that I did realize was 4 sm57s, pointing away from the kit for talkback mics for the band so I would not have to always try to hear them
through the drum mics
but what I failed recognize was that when we were recording or in input I had these on
then the band came in to listen and since Kenny wasn't playing live anymore
this killer room sound was gone
I kinda freaked out because where did my drum sound go ?
after realizing that the talkback 57's multed to a channel and a compressor were a huge part of my drum sound
I ended up having to find a way to buss them to tape and record them
it was wakeup call at the time to pay attention to things like that because in the end that was huge part of that drum sound
57's pointing away from the kit ....
Old 18th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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🎧 15 years
Next story is another rad talkback mic mistake
Around 1995-6 I bought a Sherman Filterbank
The Sherman is a very aggressive box
we are in the studio with Brian Macleod recording a Rodger Waters track
and just prior to starting drums, Pat Leonard the producer was doing a key thing and I had the Sherman on a Prophet 5 giving it some jizzz
we finish that and I go back to patching up the drums
but I mistakenly patch the Sherman up in line with the talk back mic next to Brian
he starts sound checking and sherman is just crunching away every time I open up the talkback and it sounds incredible
we all are looking at each other in the control room like .. WTF is that
I realize what it is and from that point forward, I rarely record drums without the Sherman as a dedicated distortion track
I use an Altec 633 salt and pepper shaker mic behind the drummer as a feed to the Sherman
Old 18th July 2015
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Thumbs up

Super!! Thank you Ross
Old 19th July 2015 | Show parent
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That is cool. Are you using the AM for dirt on the sherman?
Old 19th July 2015
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Really great stuff to read. Love the Sherman Filterbank tip. Thanks for sharing.

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