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How far (In Your Opinion) can you go ITB?
Old 10th July 2015
Gear Nut
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How far (In Your Opinion) can you go ITB?

So without giving TOO much of my back story, basically, I currently record and mix at home, and personally I have a complex where I don't like doing things unless im doing it at a high level, which is how my question came about. The further I delve into mixing, the more I notice that the top guys are going further and further out of the box, some people that I follow mix COMPLETELY out of the box. While I do have the desire to do so, just for the experience, my current interest at the moment is being as good as I can be ITB, and I was wondering at what point (if there is one at all) do you think it almost becomes a necessity to start doing things out of the box and also at what point (if you do (not 100% sure)) did you start going out of the box and what is your preference and why?
I know the question is a little awkward but its something thats been on the back of my mind for a while now and every time I sit down to mix it keeps popping up again
Old 11th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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I know some incredible mixers that are totally in the box
some that are completely analog
its your ears
its the Indian not the arrow

I am a hybrid mixer
I love my gear
my signal chain but also my plugins and my DAW
I am not a pro tools hater
I actually really like Pro tools
I don't dig the chase to constantly upgrade or change whats working
I don't dig Avids disregard for us as music makers but in general, I am fine working in the box but having a lot of analog chains going
I don't plan on changing that
I have never found a plugin that sounds like tubes and transformers
an 1176 plugin does not sound like my favorite 1176
or my Retro Sta Level or my mastering Pultecs or my Dramastic Obsidion on my mix bus
once again
its what I like and what makes me happy
because at the same time
the WAves J37 tape plugin is awesome for especially slap
Slates tape plugin sounds really good
Slate Trigger saves my ass everyday
the UA bundle is off the chain
on and on ...
once again
find a workflow
dig in
understand your room
your speakers
have an ergonomic that allows you to be comfortable
and then
go kik ass and make great music

a piece of gear never made a lousy song better ....

like I said
its in the ears and the writing

its always easier to make great records with great artists ...
Old 29th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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🎧 15 years
Last comment on this ... I think the best way to mix is with a mixture of analog and digital
I think plugins have come a long way and are amazing but I think a blend of both is the way to go ...

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