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Your opinion about mastering
Old 10th July 2015
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Your opinion about mastering

Hi Ross!

First of all thanks a lot for your time!

As my job is mastering I'm always interested in mixing engineers and producers point of view about it.

What are in your opinion the most important qualities you look for when you choose or approach a ME?

And what are the biggest mistakes you found during masteting stage?

Thank you much!

Gianni Vallino
Old 14th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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First off, I DO NOT master my own records
I find that would be like the surgeon operating on himself
I find that the great mastering engineers are like good makeup artists (not gain makeup only)
they make us look good
if we liked our original mixes I am not looking for the mastering engineer to remix my record with M/S, compression and eq
this drives me nuts
too much limiting for the loudness war makes me crazy
I like a good solid level and just the right touch of eq or compression or whatever voodoo you guys do
and then
its ready for primetime
I trust the handful of guys I work with and we communicate when something isn't just the way I want or expect
and thats wonderful because the communication is fluid
the list of the guys I love to work with is long but a few come to mind
Gavin Lurssen
Greg Calbi
Bob Ludwig
Bernie Grundman
Howie Weinberg
Dave McNair
Richard Dodd
Joe Gastwirt

to name a few ...
Old 14th July 2015
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Thanks for the exhaustive answer!
Old 20th July 2015
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It is really nice to see my old college buddy Gavin at the top of your list. He did my last album and absolutely added the extra bit of magic that made it a joy for me after hearing the tracks for a year.

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