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Mixing down, summing multiple stems or just 2 track?
Old 1st February 2016
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Mixing down, summing multiple stems or just 2 track?

Hi Rob,

Big fan of your music, thanks for taking the time to answer questions.
I had a few different questions, but ive split them up to make life easier.

I see inside your space ship you have a Black Lion summing mixer, do you use that to break down your tracks to individual stems, like say
channel 1) kick 2) bass 3+4) perc 5+6) synths1 7+8) synths2 etc.etc?
If you work like that do you process stems on the way out using a patchbay to insert hardware comps/eq's between your D-A outputs and the summing mixer inputs? How do you like to do it?
I guess for recall it would make life easier just to treat the stereo mix and perhaps do all your hardware synth processing on the way in whilst tracking?

If you don't break down to multiple stems for summing, do you do much M/S processing on the master? So come out of your converters with a separate mono and side mix's, process and sum those?
What sort of frequency do you like to keep mono, 100HZ and below? higher? lower?
Give us some juicy tips on how you process the Mid and Sides at the final mixing stage/mastering stage, what chain of gear you like to use some basic settings.

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the black lion summing is just summing my ex returns..

i have a second summing box for my main signals.

and yes i process the steams, with different processing and pre-amps for color..
and i use M/S eq

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