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Who wins below 100Hz?
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Who wins below 100Hz?

Hi Rob

Thanks for taking the time to help all of us. Tell your assistant he is a lucky and cool young dude

Ok so we all know the kick is pretty much the #1 thing in electronic music but we can't deny the importance of an underpinning bass for the big club PA systems. My question is... who steals the show in these lower octaves - the kick's frequencies or the bass?

I'm aware it depends on the kick and bass in question, but generally, which element should occupy more space? Any specific frequency pockets that you always tend to carve out for the kick and which for the bass/sub-bass? Do you ever boost down there or just cut? Where are you rolling off your kick / bass?

Finally, subs all have different specs. For example, Void's Xsys L2 has a range of 38Hz - 160H while Funktion's f221 goes from 20 - 200Hz. I always imagined that the industry leading DJ/Producers (like yourself) produce their tracks to meet certain PA systems. So, if I'm a resident at DC-10 than I'm engineering my subs against the Void system specs but if I'm a resident at Space than I'm engineering for Funktion-One. Where's the middle ground?

Thank you very much!

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hmmmmm i don't really think freq, ranges that much..... i just thing in what do i want to feel from that track..... but in general i cut off the super low stuff.... i tend to like a slight saturation to increase the feeling of bass..... on bass drums and basslines.... my BAX EQ is most of the times at 30HZ cut...

the secret is i think more in the arrangement, just do put to many overlapping things into your song...

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