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Hi Robert,

I wanted to ask you about your usage of analog in both production phases and signal chain.

First, do you think it's important (necessary?) to use analog at some point in the tracking signal chain? I've recently gotten interested in analog synthesis for sound design purposes, and i can't imagine making a track without an analog element. What is your take on analog vs. digital tracks?

Next, do you use analog signal paths in processing during mixdown? What about in mastering? Do you go out of the box just to pick up harmonics and warmth to put that back in the mix? Or do you use analog in the processing/workflow chain another way?

Any favorite stomp boxes?


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right now i am a very big fan of using analog synths thru mic-pres.
but i also use the mic-pres on my plugin synths a lot...

bought some API 500 series modules , and made my own processing rack.
its like having a color palette for your sounds, you can change the feeling and the texture of them.

i do the mixing thru this system, and then into a analog summing box, from there to some light analog compression, then to my tape machine.

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