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Welcome Robert - some Q+A info within!
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Lightbulb Welcome Robert - some Q+A info within!

Welcome to the first of a series of Electronic Music-centric Q+As we're doing!

Robert Babicz is known to you guys around here as @ RobAcid but we felt it was time for him to do a proper structured Q+A as he's been in the business a long time and been quite successful at that, so this is your chance to pick his brain for any details about his production methods, gear, business tips, performing on stage and the music.

You can post questions from today! You post your question as a new thread in this subforum. Just like starting a new subject in the regular one.
All questions go into a moderation queue, so don't worry if it doesn't show up right away. We'll get to everything eventually. If it's not approved it's either because we feel it's too far off topic or it may actually simply be a duplicate of another question that's also in the queue. Also we reserve the possibillity to edit your questions.
Robert will do his best to answer followup questions but please keep in mind he's a busy guy, and his time is limited.

Some pointers:
- Please be to the point and as brief as possible?
- Please ONE question per thread? If you have more questions, just post them seperately. When others posted a simular question, we'll pick one.
- Keep this Q&A about Rob's music production, and the gear, please? It's possible to discuss and compare your own ways of producing music, in the regular forum.
- Answering questions for/on behalf of Robert, will not be posted. Of course we look at each individual message, or post, to see if it's appropriate.

Thanks for participating!
Please share this subforum across your social media and contact lists, the more people we get joining in the more fun it is! Enjoy!

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