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Mixing in Stadium
Old 8th October 2016
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Mixing in Stadium

Hi Robb ,
Can you please tell me how you approach your mix when you have to work in a Stadium when you have a lot of Reverb and echoes ?
Thank you !!! :D
Old 17th October 2016
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Hi Montarbo
Yes, Still waiting on that antireverb plugin!!
There are no easy answers. Some rooms are just pigs. Of course with new line arrays and beam steering algorithms we can reduce reflections by making sure the energy from the audio only hits people not hard surfaces.The challenge is predicting how the sound will change when a space changes. Fifty thousand people are pretty good sound baffling. We always say "be alright with a few fat ones in".
Its not coincidence that there's a stadium rock sound. Think of Coldplay or U2 in essence music stripped down to clear rhythm sounds, big kick and snare, simple bass line, a guitar and a vocal. The space in the music allows the reverb tails space to die off. I also try to resist the temptation to rip frequencies out of the master eq. I always try to maintain the energy in the mix. Pulling out frequencies that are ugly in an empty room just means you'll be chasing your tail when its full, putting them back in during the first songs. Or even worse trying to pull out more frequencies til your mix is really insipid and out of phase.You have to trust your mix.
I will often reduce the amount or turn off reverbs in an untreated stadium or arena compared to a drier theatre space or acoustically treated Arena. No point adding hall reverb to a snare drum thats actually in a hall right. I'll keep my delays but give the reverbs the night off.

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