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Creating the Mix
Old 27th September 2016
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Creating the Mix

Do you listen to their studio mixes and try to recreate that on stage or make your own mixes for Tour?
Old 29th September 2016
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Hi Sree
Yes I will definitely listen to the recorded version of a track before setting up the live mix. However a live show has a different dynamic. I don't want to just reproduce the recorded version of the song, I want to bring out a different energy and with MA for example its often looser and more assertive. A really important difference between studio and live is that when you make a record you have no control over the way that people listen to your work. A little iPhone speaker, a poor domestic hifi or tv speaker. In a live show as an engineer you control the level, the weight, the dynamic of how the audience listen to the music. This enables you to use the weight and physicality of the audio to engender an emotional, visceral experience. Hearing Massive Attack as a soundtrack in a movie or a track in a club is very different to hearing the full blooded experience of their live show. I work really closely with them to make sure that the experience is exactly as the artist wants for their audience. The relationship between the audio, lights, lasers and video all work together to make the experience of the show multi dimensional.
A band like Coldplay for another example are much more about closely reproducing the recorded content. For them I spent a lot of time reproducing the recorded music; more compressed more controlled and accurate to recordings. With MA I can improvise and spin in some dub type effects that wouldn't be appropriate with Coldplay.
I think the important thing is to have clear a conceptual idea of what you are trying to achieve and have the tools and the understanding of those tools to achieve yours and the artists intentions. I suspect,, and you can tell me that is not so very different from the way you'll mix a movie soundtrack. Our job is to provide the bridge between the artists concepts and the audiences experience. Man, we have the best job in the world!!

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