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Welcome Gordon - Q+A rules/tips for all!
Old 18th November 2020
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Cool Welcome Gordon - Q+A rules/tips for all!

An enormous GS welcome to Gordon, who we are very thrilled to have hanging out with us for the next couple weeks!

Just in case you are new to our Q+A formats...!


1) All questions and followup questions are moderated in advance... submit your question once as a new thread and it will appear at some point if it's approved. If it's not approved it's either because we feel it's too far off topic or it may actually simply be a duplicate of another question that's also in the queue (although we will sometimes merge multiple questions into one thread if the overarching topic is the same). Short and to-the-point questions that are of interest to all are far more likely to make it through than complex, rambling posts!

Some questions also may be curtailed simply due to overall Q+A time restrictions - our tip is to get your questions in early for a better chance of approval.

Please don't bug us asking "where's my question!?!" - we'll get to everything eventually, and if it doesn't ever show up then see above.

2) Please don't answer questions for Gordon!

3) Gordon will do his best to answer followup questions but please keep in mind he's busy IRL as well and may not get to everything.

The Q&A is scheduled to run until Dec 4th but please don't wait to get your questions in - sometimes we have to cut it off early if we're overwhelmed. The earlier you submit the more likely you are to be approved!

View our archive of previous Q&As if you'd like some hints on what kinds of questions get approved!

All good? Cool - then click/tap here to submit a question!

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