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the very best of the stone roses
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the very best of the stone roses

Hi John,
The tracks on The Very Best Of The Stone Roses where Re-mastered did you have any involvement in that?
Did you recently Remaster all the tracks that that where on the upcoming 20th anniversary cd? as some had already been done for very best of release did you just cut and paste them? or did you do them all from scratch?
Also why was Ian the only Rose to join you? Did you not invite them all?
One last one mate, is Reni ever going to play the drums in public again? He was the best ever.

Cheers John

p.s. If they got back together would you produce the third coming?
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the very best of stone roses

Hola Charlie 1
Yes. I did remaster The Very Best of.. for Silvertone few years ago. We did my tracks from original half inch with Chris Blair at Abbey Road who did original album. Silvertone/Sony/BMG didn't make such a fuss about it the way Sony are now over this new release. We really just went for original sound and didn't really pump it up too much. On The Very Best Of, there are tracks from Second Coming which was on Geffen/Universal and no matter how hard Dave Wibberley, the project person at Sony/BMG tried to get masters from Universal, the lawyers told him to just go out and buy CD ! Which is what he did and for second album tracks, that's what's used on record as flat transfer.
On this new release box set all tracks are from Silvertone and all remastered from original half inch 30ips non dobly and done with John Davis at Metropolis over few days. Of course all band invited and only Ian called and came down. I spoke to Mani who was out on tour with Primal Scream and they all heard the old demos and extra tracks which are on box set and they all had test CDs for approval but only Ian responded.
Yep! Reni is best drummer and will he play again?... I don't know but he's probably playing now as I type as he's writing his own songs, singing and getting it together in his attic.
If there was a Third Coming, I'd be there, making tea or something...
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I cant belive Im talking to the best music producer ever!!!!!
Thanks for replying with such great answers. The strange thing is I thought (apart from sally cinnamon) that Love Spreads benifited the most on the very best of, and that just came from using just the cd? unbelivable. Not holding my breath for a 2nd coming remaster but it would be nice, I think its still a cracker espcially tracks 3, 7, 11. hahahahahah.
Im going to ask 2 more questions if I may Ill post them in a new link.
Take it easy John

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