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Thanks for all this John Leckie!

The closing track on Origin of Symmetry, I have heard they used a churches organ, but there is a lot of myths around this, can you also explain how that was recorded (if you had anything to do with it) and which parts of the song are electronic and how you approached this song?

1 quickie.... was it you that suggested the studio for the first album 'Showbiz'? What was the desk that made that studio stand out (as well as the other gear?)
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Hi Chrisipp
The organ at end of Meglomania is a full on church organ recorded at St Mary's in Bathwick in Bath near to Real World studios where we were based. Matt really wanted the real thing and we got an appointment with the chorister at Wells Cathedral to check out possibility.We jumped in car, drove to Wells just in time for choir practise. One look at us lot, looking a bit wrecked after weeks in studio, and the guy said no, not possible. We drove back disheartened and as driving through city of Bath Matt screams, 'Stop the car! There's a church. They must have organ. By the time I'd parked up and got in the church Matt was sitting at the organ pulling out the stops and the organist was saying you'll have to speak to the vicar. Its a big church and the housing where all the pipes are is about the size of a small two storey house.
We were still working tape at Real World so with Ric Peet who was my engineer we did backing track mix to Logic and took Mac G4 and MOTU to the church with all Real World mikes and stands etc and some floating Focusrite ISO we set up in the vestry and got to work. We had mikes every where but it was always really reverby and ambient. Matt played great of course and with full stops forte! When we got back to studio we synced it up and spun it back onto tape. It was still pretty reverby so I think on mix it was backed up by a midi keyboard guide track to give it definition but sounds huge.
Showbiz was recorded at Sawmills and RAK studio 1. Sawmills has Trident Series 80 and RAK has 1978 API. Maybe you mean API cos I suggested RAK which has great recording room as is solid.

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