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Thanks for doing this John!
Old 7th July 2009
Thanks for doing this John!

It's been an ambition to get you on the forums for many years!

Thanks very much.

Old 8th July 2009
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🎧 15 years
Thank you so much Mr Leckie!!
Some of the Music that you co-created are pilars in my Musical World.
Old 8th July 2009
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Yes thank you John for sharing your valuable time and knowledge with us. Love your work. I grew up with so many of your productions.

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🎧 15 years

thanks for taking the time out to answer my question.

In the current climate most of us have to go straight from college and into the freelance world, bypassing the traditional assistant role and thus learning so much from so many producers along the way. Q and As like this plus the wealth of knowledge on this forum help fill that gap. So thanks again!!!

Old 16th August 2009 | Show parent
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Thanks John,

I have read and enjoyed your answers immensely! there\s some great stuff in this q and a session......i actually think its the best one on GS so far......

many thanks to you sir!

hats off!!!!

Old 26th August 2009 | Show parent
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🎧 15 years
OOOOOOh Yes Thanks so much for this John !!!
As I'm a big fan of really nice of you...

Merci beaucoup....

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We will end this Sept 1st so get your questions in before then!

The whole Q & A will get saved in the Gearslutz Q & A archives area here..

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🎧 10 years
Yes John, Unbelievable! Thank You!

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