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Rodrigo Y Gabriella
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Rodrigo Y Gabriella

Hey John, I was wondering a little bit about how Rodrigo Y Gabriella work in the studio. Do they just come and and play together live? Or do they track separate? They are incredible musicians with a very unique style of playing, and while I'm sure this makes everyone's job in the studio a little easier, it seems like you may have to be a little more creative about how to capture it correctly. Is it close mics and separation between the two (if they track live), or are room mics used more? If I had to guess I'd say a combination of the two, and that they track together, but that's why I'm asking you! If you know what mics are used I would love to hear that as well.

Also, I read that on the new album coming out in September there are guest musicians on a few songs. Would they perhaps be doing vocals? If so, how does that change their songwriting and does it pose any new problems with getting good results in the studio?

Like everyone else said, thanks a bunch for doing this, you have an incredible catalogue of records you have worked on, and I am a huge fan!

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Rodrigo y Gabriela

Hola ! Danny

Rod y Gab was recorded at Riverside Studios in Bath with the the two guitars played live in small 12ft sq room off the main studio with some traffic noise outside but it was OK. They just sat side by side and I used a small Genlec 1030 under each chair as foldback to just reinforce the sound. It wasnt very loud at all and in fact it was barely on for some tunes. Guitars were miked with everything I had, U67 and KM84 on each guitar and DPA1060 tiny spot mic taped in soundhole just behind strings gives really close microscope sound. Also recorded DI and each guitar has small mic on gooseneck mounted inside so I recorded that too and used every thing in the mix including room ambience. If anything I probably overdid the room ambience on some tracks...I was really trying to make guitars sound as big and important as possible. When they play live its DIs into the PA and cranked and does sound awesome.
The new record is a very different recording and a lot of guitars were recorded separate. Its just getting finished and when I last heard it there were no vocals...

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