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Back Voices
Old 6th July 2009
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Back Voices

Hi John, thanks for doing this man...

My question:
How do you deal with backing vocals?, location on mix, reverb, delay, compression, exciters, etc.
I really need an advice on this.
What can I do to not put a shadow on the lead voice?. To make proper room and get rid of a vocal fight.

Thank you

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Old 10th July 2009
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Back Voices:

Try using a different singer? I mean from the lead singer. Make sure the parts are balanced and harmonies are correct and no ones singing unison when they should be as this just double tracks lead voice. Maybe try different mic than what lead voice was recorded on . Sometimes BVs are better sung slightly away from mic than if it was lead, depending on vibe you're trying to create. Double track and put left-right and spread away from lead voice. Cut bass on BVs and make sure they are even and not too sibilant.

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