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BeBop DeLuxe
Old 5th July 2009
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BeBop DeLuxe

Hey John,


Say, a few years back, a bunch of my clients started showing up with Radiohead "The Bends" as a record they enjoyed listening to. I remember telling one particular kid, "You should check out the wonderful English Prog-Pop band BeBop Deluxe", these guys remind me of them for some reason".

Some time later I actually looked at the credits.


Anyhoo. 30year fan of your records with BebopD.

My question is:

Do you have a favorite record of the three, and if so, why?

Best regards and wishes,

Old 5th July 2009
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BeBop Deluxe

Hey SM
Nice one! Yes Bebop Deluxe Sunburst Finish was the first album I 'officially' co- produced with Bill. I'd mixed most of Axe Victim with Bill on his own over a weekend at Abbey Road 3 about a year before and we had fun. Bill changed musicians and recorded Futurama album with Roy Thomas Baker at Rockfield. Fantastic record and the sound is screaming! But Bill wanted more control and asked me to co produce (and engineer) next album with him.
Of the three albums I'd choose Sunburst Finish cos even today its far out musically!
Cheers JL
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I am so happy that this subject came up, I had the nearly identical reaction to "The Bends"... I thought "reminds me of BeBop Deluxe" something between "Life in the Air Age" and "Modern Music"...


I would love to hear about the making (and particularly the mixing) of "Drastic Plastic" This was quite a departure and was my favorite at the time.

How would you characterize the differences in state of mind / approach when working on Drastic Plastic when compared to the more traditional records?

-Chuck Zwicky
New York, New York
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Thanks big time for Red Noise. Very forward and fun stuff!
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I don't remember the album, but every time I see a plane flying by overhead, I hear the song in my memory "Jets at dawn, sail across the sky. Silver birds writing words for errant wives, who down below hang the washing out to dry"

or something like that.

BBD were a great, under-rated band and Bill Nelson should have garnered more attention as a guitarist.

I went to see a Styx concert back in the day, and BBD was the warmup band. I think I was the only one there who knew who they were. I was pretty upset that the sound crew seemed to be tweeking the system at BBD's expense, and was disappointed that their set was so short.

This thread makes me want to go dig out the vinyl. Thanks.

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