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Harvest Engineer?
Old 2nd July 2009
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Harvest Engineer?


Many thanks for doing this first of all.

I was looking over your discography & saw many of my favorite album on there. I noticed for many you were credited as a "harvest engineer". I had never heard that term before & couldn't come up with any real good explanation at all in google for what that means.

What does the term "harvest engineer" mean? What type of duties does that mean you had? Where does the term come from (if you know)?

Thanks in advance for answering my question!

Old 6th July 2009
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Harvest engineer?

Yo! Hello SoundFella!

I think you read it wrong. The discography is laid out in columns and the record company is Harvest and my work was as engineer! If you run them together it looks like harvestengineer. Nice one! I'm off to fix my tractor...

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