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snare mic question
Old 6th January 2011
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snare mic question

Just want to tell you that I have read your responses more eagerly than past guests! Its an honor to be able to ask you questions and read your answers.
Thanks for doing this...

My question is regarding snare mics. from your previous posts you've made it clear that you prefer condensers for snare drum. Do you use a hypercardoid mic or just careful positioning?

John N

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Old 11th January 2011
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Hi John, Well, you would have read what mics I use and so you'll have seen that none of them are hypercardioid. As far as mic positioning, I always get the mic in as best I can, which is easier with some drummers more than others. But, this could be the part that you're looking for, I quite often use a gate. My preference being the original Kepex, but have used others. If you listen really carefully to some of my recordings you can here the hihat moving between right and centre whenever the snare is hit. I like the Charlie Watts style of missing the hat whenever he hits snare. Now that's an engineers dream. Well mine anyway.


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