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Drum overheads in the 70's
Old 3rd January 2011
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Drum overheads in the 70's

First off, a heartfelt THANKS for your time, humour and expertise.

On many of the classic records you've done, the drums sound mostly close mic'd and very up front (probably because of the Trident booth?). So in that scenario, do you high pass the overheads to focus only on cymbals? Or do you specifically aim the OH mics to focus on cymbals and avoid snare and toms as much as possible?

And do you use 'drastic' EQ (+/- 10db or more) to get what you want, or are you more from the school that says "If you need that much EQ you've either got the wrong mic, or it's in the wrong place"?

Old 4th January 2011
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Hi, I will generally roll a little low end of the overheads, but not too much. I do angle them for the cymbals but I have never tried to eliminate anything else.

Drastic eq? I'm of the school that you do whatever's needed. The mics are the mics and if I want something more I generally add it in the control room.


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