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The Beatles
Old 23rd December 2010
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The Beatles

Hello Ken:

In Geoff Emerick's recent book, he described the 4 Beatles as having distinctly different personalities: He said Paul was friendly to everyone, John was mercurial and you never knew which John you were getting, George was sour and negative, and Ringo was so quiet that Geoff said he doesn't remember ever having a conversation with him.

Is that how you saw them? Or do you have a different take?

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Hi, I feel between a rock and a hard place these days whenever asked about anything connected to Geoff's book, having been so vocal about it.

But, I have to say that on this one point I do agree........to a point. John was everything you have ever read about him. He could be as nice as pie and then suddenly his very sharp tongue could rip you apart.

Paul has always needed to be liked and so always friendly. So far so good.

Ringo was certainly quieter than the other three. That most certainly doesn't mean he had nothing to say.

George.......Oh George. Here's where Geoff and I are completely at odds. GH was one of the nicest and most certainly one of the funniest people I have met in this business. He had his moments, we all do, but to portray him as sour and negative, and untalented as Geoff or Howard Massey does for the majority of the book, is so far from anything that I ever saw from A Hard Day's Night thru Rubber Soul or during Magical Mystery Tour or the White album and on.

Although in my diatribes about the book I put forth more factual inaccuracies than just plain differences of opinion it was the denigration of GH, and several others, that finally led me to speak out and try and make clear that one shouldn't believe everything one reads.


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