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Ziggy Stardust: The First Listen When Completed...A Classic?
Old 20th December 2010
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Ziggy Stardust: The First Listen When Completed...A Classic?


As an avid fan of all the English rock through the 70's I am never surprised when I see your name as I look though engineering credits on some of the best sounding albums (in my opinion)...your work during that period is so signature...the separation of instruments, the sonic arrangement is "tight" and the mixed fit together like a puzzle.

My question is about the Ziggy album and at what point did you, or did you know that it was a classic? What was it like when you listened back to the final mixes in order and was it clear to all that something special had been created musically, sonically, artistically?

I think of Ziggy, Yellow Brick Road, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Quadophenia all coming out around the same time...what a period!

(Sorry for the long diatribe)
Old 21st December 2010
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Hi again Andrew, I can't look at any album I've worked on as a classic. We made records to please ourselves and if others liked them, cool. To be talking about them 30 to 40 years on still messes with my brain.


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