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Rudy: that sound starting the song?
Old 18th December 2010
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Rudy: that sound starting the song?

All these years later and to me, still at the top in sonic nirvana. I just love this song!

I have so many questions but I'll try three:

How did you make that intro sound? It has always intrigued me, it just seems to come from everywhere.

The voice at the train station, how was that done? What is the huge reverb on it?

When the guys are trading voices back and forth, one is hard right and one is centered. Did you try going hard left, and if so was that just too much, or did it conflict with the guitar going on hard left?

Ken, thank you so much for spending the time here.

-Rob Adelman
Old 20th December 2010
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Hi Rob, One of the initial ideas for the album was for sound effects and as I had come from EMI, where they had a vast array of specially recorded effects tapes, I was not happy to make use of any of the disks that were available. We therefore rented a Nagra and when we needed special sound FX we went to places we could record them. I recorded the kids in School from a back yard adjacent to my kids school. All of the Rudy sounds were recorded by Roger and John, if I remember correctly, at one of the major London train stations. The violin leading into the very end section was in fact a street busker that happened to be playing just outside the station entrance.

As far as the voices go, I'm going to answer from memory, OMG, because I can't be bothered to pull it out and listen, but I think the mind set was that Rick was the lead character all the way through and should stay centre as the lead, whilst Roger was a bystander asking questions.


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