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LA 2 question
Old 15th December 2010
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LA 2 question

I've seen you refer to the LA 2 as a limiter a few times now. I always see those in compress mode. Do you generally use them in limit mode?

And let me add my voice to the chorus of appreciation thanking you for your participation here. It's truly an honor.
Old 16th December 2010
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Hi Henri, As someone that lays claim to not knowing anything technical I have to admit that limit or compress I don't really give a damn. At Abbey Road we used Altec compressors and Fairchild limiters, I know they both had their own distinctive sound but what exactly the difference between limiting and compressing is/was I know only what I've read, not what I've heard, and quite honestly I don't need to know. As I've said a million times, if it sounds right it is right.
With regard to LA2As I've always known them as limiters and never saw a switch on them that changed them from limiters to compressors. I just use them how they sound best. Please, please, please don't get hung up on technicalities. Sorry if that sounds harsh, it's not meant to be.


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