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Missing Persons
Old 16th December 2010
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Missing Persons

Missing Persons "Spring Session M" is one of my favorite albums. You took
technically brilliant and diverse musicians and made an album that was as
commercially viable as it was innovative. Such amazing sonics, and songs.

Frank Zappa definitely knew the right person to entrust his bandmates to.
Whatever you can share about those sessions would be very appreciated.
Thanks for taking the time to do this and for all of your great studio work.
Old 16th December 2010
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Hi Mark, What a great band and what a great concept. Some of the greatest musicians around and a lead singer that oozed sex appeal. How could it fail. Well until it became successful it couldn't. Ain't egos great.
A lot of my peers, and friends and relations, said why on earth give up a good production career and get into management. Because I believed in the band and I also did and still do believe that good management is as much about artistry as good playing, good production and good engineering. I would manage again at the drop of a hat if I found the right act and under the right situation. It was the most amazing learning experience. Especially about the way laws are stacked against managers here in California.
One of the greatest rock and roll movies of all time is Spinal Tap and I lived so many of the moments in that movie with/through MP. Not least of which, getting lost when trying to get to the stage from the dressing room. Luckily they never wanted Stonehenge on stage.
I hate to say this BUT for once in my life commercialisation is coming first. There will be a book coming eventually and I must keep things for that and there are some doozies. You'll love the signing party story.
Sorry for being crass and sales oriented, but.............


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