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Mick Ronson
Old 15th December 2010
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Mick Ronson

Hi Ken, very enjoyable so far. I myself, like everyone else here really love the albums you've worked on, but there's always been a special place in my heart & soul for 'Hunky Dory' ... oh, plus 'Transformer"... oh & can't leave out 'Ziggy' & 'Aladdinsane' plus 'Madman'... did I mention 'Pin Ups' ?

Anyway, I've been curious for years about how significant a role Mick Ronson played in terms of arrangements, material & overall vision for the 'Man Who Sold The World' through "Pin Ups'?

Thank you very kindly for your time and for the timeless records you helped bring to life.
Old 16th December 2010
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Hi, Major, major and did I mention MAJOR.
Ronno was a great guitarist, a great arranger and absolutely a great guy. Without him the team that created Ziggy would never have achieved success. He knew exactly what was needed at exactly the right time. Neither David or I would have achieved any where near the success we have without him.


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