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Panning and stereo vs mono
Old 15th December 2010
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Panning and stereo vs mono

Hi Ken,

What is your approach to panning ? Do you routinely default to hard L, R and center or is it different from time to time ?

When you first started out, was some work still mono or had stereo taken over by then ? If you experienced the mono to stereo transition, what were your thoughts about it (stereo, the new format) back then ?

How did they (the AR staff) teach you to approach stereo recording, mastering and mixing and how much of that is in your mindset still today ?

Kind regards,

Old 16th December 2010
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Hi Marcus, Generally, hard left, half left, centre, half right and hard right. Although dependent on the situation, anything goes.
I am old enough that I started mixing before stereo had taken over. That's one of the reasons, in the past, that I have espoused that the Beatles music needed to be heard in mono, at least up to the White album. Up to then the only mixes they heard and gave their seal of approval to were the monos.
When first moving to stereo I found it really hard, I'd learned my art on mono and it was hard to change. Nowadays I couldn't do a decent mono mix for love or money.
Unfortunately I really had to find my own way in the stereo maze. We were all going through the experimentation process at the same time and so there really were no teachers. You also have to remember that a lot of the work when I started was still 4 track and so that left very little room for experimentation.
Having mixed Ziggy in 5.1 I'd love to do more of that, I had a blast, but most artists seem quite willing to pass that process on to engineers that really have no idea what we were going for in the first place, but I guess that's up to them. I WILL NOT LET THE GRUMPY OLD MAN LOOSE.


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