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Advancements in music technology
Old 13th December 2010
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Advancements in music technology

Hi Ken, thanks so much for doing this!

With all the advancements in music since the time you entered the industry, it's now much easier to make music (i.e., pitch correction, quantization, plug-ins with presets, etc). This has brought much criticism from engineers and producers who worked at a time when these tricks were not available. However, if you look back -- and you know this as well as anyone -- The Beatles, Pink Floyd and many of their colleagues where always trying to push the boundaries and try something new. Do you think if these modern tools were available to those artists, would they 1) use them, and 2) still sound as innovative as they are? I remember reading that John hated his voice and would try anything to change the sound of his voice. Can you imagine John using pitch correction?

Thanks for your time!
Old 14th January 2011
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Hi Prof, If I might speak for my evil twin, GOM, I'd have to say that modern technology has made it easier for people to record, NOT make music. Good music comes from the soul, from emotion, from somewhere deep inside the human form. Modern technology has led people to create with the brain, that's not music.

Performance is a huge part of music. Being able to all play together and coming up with a whole greater than the sum of the parts. Now I'll be the first to admit that I've made a lot of records where everyone has played seperately from each other. But it's always stemmed from the act playing together to begin with. They are capable of doing it. Enough of my views about technology and music.

As far as an act like the Beatles pushing the envelope. Yes I can picture John using pitch correction. ONCE. Purely as an effect and then on to something else. He didn't like the sound of his voice, it wasn't that he didn't think he could sing. There are lots of singers like that. The problem today is that there are a lot of people that really can't sing and so they have to use auto tune. There are also, of course, the people that have been raised with the modern technology and don't understand that someone SHOULD sound good without all the plugins. But then not using the latest thing wouldn't be cool.



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