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Hello and thanks so much for the fascinating and informative read!
You mentioned monitors as being first and foremost as to importance.
Do you have particular favorites past and/or present?
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Hi Mike, My all time fave rave would undoubtedly be Cadacs. Unfortunately not many studios can accommodate them as they were 7 feet tall and weighed a half ton each. Oh they were beautiful.

I did like Lockwood cabinets with Tannoy speakers. I guess I like very smooth monitors. I hate the middley ones that were so popular for a time.

Of course the other thing is that the speakers, whatever they are, have to work well in the room and it always takes a while to get used to new ones. A lot of rough mixes listened to at home to determine what there's too much or too little of. It's no good having them sound great in the control room but then everything sounds bad as soon as you get it outside.


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