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Your label?
Old 10th June 2004
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Your label?

Mike, you mentioned your new label on another thread - would you talk a bit about the reasons for starting it and the plans that you have for it in the long term?

By the way, you're doing a marvelous job here = thanks so much giving so much of your time and knowledge!
Old 11th June 2004
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The label was started after a 2 year study done by a major financial and business institution, on how to develop a very different business model for a record company to succeed in this "climate" . And as odd as it sounds , a label that really did put the artist first.
My part is to oversee all the records we make and be actively involved in what ever seems appropriate from production to mixing . It's a "favoured nations" set up where every artist has the same recording budget which is completely adequate ,( we own all our own equipment etc for the benefit of all the artists) and the same promotion and mareting budget for each artist which is considerable.
The marketing people are the best there is as is everyone involved but our overheads are not high at all due to the set up, but the only way to run up against the majors is by knowing we have to spend a lot of money , but there are smart ways to spend where everyone wins and stodgy old ways of doing business where labels are finding themselves now where no one wins.
It's early days yet but we are off to a good start and we have a lot of irons in the fire so to speak and it's a lot of fun to be involved in.

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