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Mutt Lange
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Originally posted by camitchell
You just missed them due to the ultra dense mix, it's panned at 5 o'clock just underneath the fiddle player's toe taps :P
Oh man - don't talk to me abou ttoe taps. I have to put a rug out for one of the fiddle players I use because of that....
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Mike, I live less than 15 km from Mutt, next time you see him could ya ask him why he never invites me over for a beer? I'm Canuck don't ya know? Me and his missus can talk about beavers and such.

Anyway, sorry to belabor the cult of Mutt, but could you straighten us out as far as Mutt's vocal contribution to his productions?

Folklore says:

1. He's a fantastic singer
2. He's not afraid to use it. To the extent that he's ghosting a lot of the vocal tracks otherwise assumed to be the artist.

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