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Starting your mix
Old 29th September 2005
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Starting your mix

So if you hardly ever listen to anything soloed, how do you begin a mix? Do you EQ sounds as they are sitting in the mix? Do you listen to certain groups of sounds by themselves? Do you compress individual sounds while hearing everything?
Thank you
Old 30th September 2005
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If I build my mix up starting with just an acoustic guitar, I'll eq, compress, process, balance and blend, as i'm building up the mix. Every new instrument I add to the mix gets molded to the existing blend.

Yes, if I have a large string, horn or windwood section, I may very well cut my other subgroups so that I can memorize what is being played as i'm getting a good balance between the different sections. That works for me. Once I put the other tracks back in, I'll then tweak the compression,EQ and reverb to make it fit in nice.

I don't generally EQ or compress in the solo mode because I think that's working in a vacuum. So what if you get a nice sound on it's own? Nice in solo doesn't make it necessarily nice when it's playing with all 40 other tracks. Other instruments may cancel out the clarity of what you've done, or vise versa. But if soloing works for you and the song sounds great, that's all that matters.

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