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Using your instincts
Old 27th March 2013
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Using your instincts

Hello Michael, i'm glad you're here sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I'd like to ask you about your way of thinking when you work. Do you use your instincts when it's time to make audio desicions, meaning that, do you sketch a plan in your mind about the particular approach that you're going to take from start to finish or do you make most decisions as you move along based on a basic plan?
Also, one weird question Would you be able to produce the same result in a session if you were forced to do it all again in a different day but in the same place with the same players and same equipment?
Thank you in advance!
Old 28th March 2013
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I really appreciate your question.

The answer is very simple. Yes- always. Instinct is one of the most valuable and important abilities everyone has and I feel it is absolutely essential to doing any kind of creative work.

Any creative work I do is the result of sensory impressions- not conscious ideas. I can understand how one makes a conscious effort to find a solution to a creative problem (which pretty much sums up recording), but I find that being spontaneously responsive to the situation I'm in is much more efficacious and immediate.

Sometimes, one benefits from incorporating the left and right side of the brain and it helps to allow an idea to develop gradually- to even incorporate logistics into decision-making. As far as being able to recreate a session I've done in the same way, the answer is definitively no. Those are moments preserved in time and they can't be returned to. Any recreation of a previous recording in the same environment, with the same equipment and players would still sound different- even if only slightly. We would all have changed as people- the recording would reflect that.

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