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How do you pick a snare?
Old 26th March 2013
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How do you pick a snare?

How do you go about picking a snare for an individual song? I find that I like the sound of brass snares and I generally always reach for one. With that do you spend a lot of time picking and choosing the snare or do you work mostly with what the artist has? Do you favor a mic position or do you experiment a lot?
Old 27th March 2013
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I always pick the best sounding snare. That may sound pat but it's simple. Generally, amongst a bunch of snare drums, there will be one or two which shine. If not, I either rent or if that's not an option, I work with what I have. There are also options with tuning, different types/thicknesses of heads, sticks, etc.

I tend to favor metal snares- I feel they record better but I try to remain open. There are always going to be options regarding micing, etc. I tend to favor the most typical position (about 9 o'clock on a slight angle) but there are so many places to choose on the instrument depending on what sound you're going for. Additionally, one mic can change everything about how the snare sounds in a recording.

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