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harmonic 313

I was wondering what your setup was in general and equipment you relied on for the music you made as Harmonic 313, specifically "Quadrant 3" which is a personal favorite (I love the coda at the end). The whole project has such a great sound to it, I think you were quite forward thinking in the elements you used style wise - bits of grime, dubstep, techno, detroit hip-hop, etc.

Thanks for doing this!
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Cheers Joshuatx,

Pretty much the same as it is now really.

Quadrant 3 all the synths in it are a Atari 2600 with Synthcart and you use the controllers to play the sounds. And the synth's are side chained off the Kick drum.

Drums are Samples of a Visco Space drum. Played them in live and left them, not for the whole thing though, just found a bar i liked and kept that.

Bass is a 808 with a LFO on it inside the EXS24.

And i just sent the Atari off into a massive reverb at the end.

The Album came out in 2008 but i started playing with that sound b4 i moved to Australia, 2002 or something like that i started doing some hiphop but using a Detroit influence i suppose. Not samples. Arc light was the first track i did in that style. I was a bit annoyed that it made it into the world quite a bit later but in the end it was fine as there was a scene starting to happen by the time it came out. Wonky! Terrible name, I liked some of that music, Hudmo, Dimlite (bit of a under credited guy from that era), Samiyam his stuff had a very distinct sound, Jon wayne Dorian Concept and a few others. Spacek!!! They were on that stuff from early. Curvatia came out 2001 but it had been around way b4 that, The Eve 12" came 2000 but i remember hearing about them from a Mutual friend Ross Allen way b4 that. Danny Breaks also a important part of that scene with his Jellyfish.

Dabrye is my fav guy really that did that sound, he is the Don of it really! I Guess via Dilla. There's a new Dabrye coming The first track he posted a clip of sounds sick. Game over and the B side Magic says are high points in that era/Style imo. When i heard Game over i couldn't believe what i was hearing.

I also love hearing Jay Dee on the mic as well. I'm a flow and attitude over lyrical content person sometimes. I don't really care what they are saying if the flow voice and attitude is there. Some people are put off by straight grimey street talk, i love it though, its Drama, has to be authentic though. I love Mobb Deep as well. Of coarse i like it if someone is saying something that makes you think as well or has a positive message, as long as i like the flow and the voice. I feel similar about Bashment vocals as well.

I was really lucky to find Dabrye's early releases, Steve Stasis was working in a record shop called Smallfish which was in the east end of London, i used to go in and see him when i was up in London and one day he pulled out One/Three and said "You need this". I was buying more hiphop around that time than anything else. Steve had a great knowledge of all types of music.

Dancehall crept into the project as well, it linked in well. I remember people saying Dubstep when i made that album, i was playing that stuff when i was djing around that time. I never really saw that as direct influence on that album really. It was more just growing up in the uk. And then being into Hiphop (Dilla of coarse) but others.
And then 80s computer games and Detroit Techno, There is a bit of the Aggression of Grime in Dirtbox

I used plug ins for quite a bit of it, reFX QuadraSID and reFX Vanguard. Bass in Cyclotron was ES1 in Logic, Juno 106 in the 2nd half of it.

EFM in Logic for Koln for the bass and pads and all the digital riffs that come in the 2nd half. EFM For bass on Word Problems and the synth is ES1.

3 Different bass waveforms in Call to arms was Spectrasonics Trilogy (Pre Trillion) i think at that time. Strings on Battlestar original version Gforce Virtual String Machine, Arp Omni ( i bought one later ) I installed the plug in and was trying out sounds, loved that Omni sound, put a drum break in so i could have a play with it and the track happened. I had been writing ideas to send to Phat Kat and Elzhi and had a few that were ok, but then that one came out of nowhere and was much stronger.

So all in all quite a lot of soft synths and then some other 8 bit sounding non soft synths here and there.

Cheers Mark

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