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Alan Hawkshaw
Old 16th June 2016
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Alan Hawkshaw

Hello Mark,

Long-time fan here! As I understand it, you've spent some time with Alan Hawkshaw - I've read here that he introduced you to some of Ted Fletcher's equipment, for example, but did Alan pass on any good advice with regards to synths or indeed any other tips? I also wonder if he still has his old synths?

I'm a fan of Alan's KPM / Bruton work and have read his Autobiog - he really comes across as a very down to earth chap.

Thanks for taking the time, Mark!
Old 16th June 2016
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Hi Barilla,

Yeah Alan is great, I went out with Kirsty Hawkshaw who did Opus 3 its a fine day. So spent a lot of time with Alan and got to meet Brian Bennet as well. Actually Kirsty and Brian did a wind up on me the first time i spoke to him, She got Brian to call me up and say Hello Mark Brain Bennet here, i understand you have sampled one of my tracks how are you going to pay me for that, i was like ummm, i don't think so frantically trying to think about what i had sampled hahaha

Alan gave me his Plate reverb, He was still using his Synclavier at that point, i would have liked that At that point he didn't have any analogue synths, he most certainly would have had some back in the day, But i guess his main loves were Piano, Hammond and Rhodes.

Sean Lee is doing a Kickstarter at the mo to make a film about all those Library guys, i hope he gets it together.
Looks like its closed.

I haven't managed to get his Autobiog will have to track that down. He showed me some of his session Diaries from the 60s and 70s, he was in the studio every day doing different sessions. Great stories about Serge Gainsbourg and Labi Siffre, i guess thats in the book.

I remember telling him about how much Champ got sampled and what a Bboy hiphop classic it is, he wasn't aware, unfortunately he didn't see any of that $ He did get some $ for people sampling Here comes that sound he was telling me.

He had a Harrison console from memory 32C maybe, it sounded amazing, and he at that time recorded everything to a Radar. I watched him do some sessions, just played it all in live of coarse, quick worker.

He had all his records, i used to go through them from time to time, so much stuff that he played on, really incredible.

Cheers Mark
Old 18th June 2016
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Thanks for the fantastic stories about Alan and Brian Bennett!

I never knew Alan used a Synclavier - I've always associated him with (aside from the electro-mechanical keyboards) the Arp Odyssey and Solina of his '70s work, for some reason.

Nice score on the Plate reverb - I'm guessing EMT 140 Plate?

I really recommend his book; many stories in there and of course some diary entries. A legend in music and a total hero really.
Old 22nd June 2016
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Never thought i'd read about the Hawk on GS! Might have to dust of 'Chorus and Orchestra' on KPM now.

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