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Hey Mark, I think you might know me as Limahl

I'm surprised no one has asked when there will be another Reload album to follow up the incredible 'Short Stories'!?

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Had to think for a sec! I guess thats Blandford crew! Nick? Or Ben?

Im surprised no one has asked and was hoping no one would haha

The answer i should type in here is NO……..

Instead ill open myself up to a area that is full of land mines.

Deep breath, Ok ill try and broach this! This is a very hard question to answer but i have thought about this a lot over the years, theres 2 sides to this one being someone loving a album and wanting to hear more like it, the other people being selfish and attack a artist for not doing what they want to hear from them.

Its not something that i would ever really attempt, i really don't think its even possible, for many reasons.

I was early 20s starting out, didn't know what i was doing haha, Would have been soaking up loads of inspirations b4 and around that time, which led to how that album came out. Then the gear aspect, but even if i got every piece of gear that i had back then again, the chances of doing something as good or better ideally in that area are so slim that think you are just putting yourself into a impossible situation.

I can't think of a single instance of anyone ever managing to do that in the history of music! in relation to a artist going back to a specific part of they're career.
I totally get why someone would ask that, i like albums by people and would love to hear another one like it, not the same of coarse but in a similar area. Now i just think, well i love that album by that person and thats fine for me. Ill always check stuff and sometimes ill find things i like.

Even if you look at a artist that made a great album, even there next one a year later may not have the same thing you liked about the first, let alone add 10-20 years to that.

Another more to the point way of saying is, well i made that album why would i want to do another one like it.

Then you also have to think about the listener as the same thing applies to them, They were a different person at the time they heard that as well and each person would have been at a different part of they're own musical journey through what they were hearing and what they're own taste was. Or even what they were going through at a certain time in they're life and what they link that music to.

Im not attacking anyone here and its a hard one as i am fully aware that it can come off like some defensive angle. Yes i have had plenty of people say why don't you do more of this, and i liked that stuff you did then, whats this new $#ite you are making haha you are wasting your time 20 years + of it.

But so has everyone else who makes music. I know your not coming from that angle though, some people are pretty Harsh on it though. So the natural reaction is to get defensive. Cant even really address it without coming off looking like a tosser. We did slightly avoided this by having loads of different names.

The bottom line is i think you can only do what you feel like at any given time and you should always just do what you want. Its also a thing of moving fwd, looking back is a dangerous area and there is a fine line to whether you can look back and bring something new at the same time.

Feel free to input into this discussion though as i think its something that needs to be put to bed for everyone. I honestly think its not a healthy way of looking at things i see it all the time with various artists getting attacked online ( Again i know you aren't coming from that angle ) And a lot of people aren't when they talk about this stuff. The majority are though.
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Possibly THE best answer to an age old question that artists have & will always be asked.

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